About Us

Welcome to BVB International Academy – Great Plains!


Jambars FC is proud to announce our invitation to become one of the first BVB International Academy in America. This partnership is a direct extension of the BVB professional football club in Dortmund, Germany and Jambars FC now becomes an official partner of its prestigious youth academy. Jambars FC will be one of only eight inaugural clubs selected and the only club in the Midwest operating as a part of the BVB International Academy - America. Effective May 15, 2019, Jambars FC will proudly operate as BVB International Academy - Great Plains.

“We could not have found a better inaugural club and people to be a part of this launch than Jambars FC,” says Peter Brody, CEO BVB International Academy – America. Joe and Oumar’s intensity and strategic vision fits perfectly with BVB and the strategy for America. As the CEO of BVB International Academy – America, I could not be prouder to have the team of folks at Jambars FC represent us and build this new organization with us.”

Becoming a part of the BVB International Academy will provide amazing opportunities exclusive to our players. And while our name will change, our history, vision, mission, coaches and player focus will not. The history of Jambars FC is strong and will always be a part of our social fabric. Our elite coaching staff and an excellent reputation for our focus on player development are the key factors that led us to this opportunity. This partnership with BVB along with having our training facility completed and open for our next season provides our organization with the resources and support to take our club to the next level. While the day to day operations of the academy and facility are structured under its new corporation, our non-profit organization will be rebranded and continue its mission to generate and provide scholarships to ensure we can continue to provide opportunities for all players regardless of socio-economic background.

Our coaching staff will have close connectivity to the BVB Academy in Germany. We will be using their curriculum to guide training, participate in monthly calls and complete a coaching accreditation program. Our coaches will have the opportunity to train at the BVB Academy in Dortmund, Germany to learn and fully understand the BVB methodology and training philosophy.

For our players, the opportunity is extraordinary! Not only will the training standard be raised further by an elite curriculum and continuous coaching education, but our players will now have opportunities to play and train with some of the best players in the country. Our facility will be the headquarters for the Great Plains region which includes Kansas, Nebraska, parts of Iowa and Missouri. We will work directly with BVB International Academy - America to facilitate its Regional and National ID camps which will give our players the opportunity to train with staff from the BVB Academy in Germany with the purpose of identifying players who may have the potential to one day play with BVB Youth Academy teams in Germany. ID camps held here regionally and nationally will also create further exposure for our players to college coaches and beyond. These incredible opportunities will be the same for both girls and boys and BVB is currently increasing their efforts to scout and identify young talent for both regional and national events across the U.S. We are again pioneering amazing new opportunities for our players. 

Here are just a few of the amazing opportunities BVB Provides

  • Monthly calls with other BVB International Academies across the United States
  • Our teams will wear full Borussia Dortmund Champions League replica jersey and full BVB/Puma kits., 
  • Our player pathway will connect with the youth Academy in Dortmund, Germany
  • Regional and national events hosted at our facility 
  • Coaching Accreditation
  • College Athlete Placement (CAP) Program / Full-time CAP program director working directly with our regional CAP Program director.

While some clubs partner with European clubs, they are typically done through a third party marketing company such as GPS (Global Premier Soccer) or GIS (Global Image Sports). In these situations, the club partners with the marketing company, who in turn has the connection to the professional club. These are typically only camp relationships, where a European Club staff member comes to the US for a brief summer camp, and it is not a direct connection with the European professional club. This is also why they cannot use or call themselves the professional team’s name or wear their uniform. We will be able to do both because of our selection to actually become a BVB International Academy. 

Becoming BVB International Academy Great Plains means that we will transition from Givova to Puma, who is an official sponsor of BVB. We are extremely excited as Puma has already expressed its intentions to make a big impact in grassroots sports across the US which will further benefit our club and players. 

Oumar Seck - CEO/Technical Director

Joe Comparato - President/General manager