BVB International Academy – Great Plains focuses on four key learning objectives when developing the curriculum for our players.


  • Short passing
  • Receiving on half turn
  • Run with the ball when in space
  • Dribbling and changing direction
  • Consistently displays correct techniques for chosen position
  • Ability to see the next pass
  • Ability to protect the ball when under pressure
  • Passing over varied distances
  • Ability to receive the ball with all parts of the body
  • Ability to transfer technique into skills (limited opposition)
  • Complete technical skill with speed and precision
  • Ability to execute technique quickly when under pressure
  • Ability to make decisions in relation to player position


  • Understanding principles of attack
  • Understanding principles of defense
  • Recognition of basic principles of defense to attack transition
  • Recognition of basic principles of attack to defense transition
  • Ability to apply basic roles to various position
  • Demonstrate understanding of playing style within philosophy
  • Understanding specific roles and responsibilities within the team shape


  • Coordinated MVT
  • Maintain short bouts of intensity
  • Deal with match play demands
  • Balance when receiving and passing
  • Ability to press the ball without loss of balance and coordination
  • Ability to sustain physical performance in match play
  • Ability to work at a high intensity and maintain quality in play
  • Ability to recover quickly from high bouts


  • Can work independently
  • Work as part of the team
  • Show motivation in practices
  • Show respect and commitment to all aspects
  • Ability to maintain concentration and focus in all aspects
  • Ability to communicate with coaches and teammates
  • Commitment to achieve individual and collective goals
  • Ability to transfer knowledge from training into game